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I've been going on some transcriptions sites (saxsolos.com, Charle's McNeal's website, Pick's Place, etc.) and the modern saxophonists they transcribe are people like Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Brecker, and Bob Berg. Musicians who, with the obvious exception of Brecker, have never had a lot of mainstream popularity but have been highly respected by other musicians. Who are some other saxophonists like that? Also, I want to pick up some recordings with Bob Berg (I hear the work he did with Chick Corea was really good). Are there an particular CDs of his you would recommend?


At 4:10 PM, Blogger jazzwriter said...


Have you listened to much Kenny Garrett? He's a fabulous contemporary (not smooth jazz) alto player who can play rapid-fire solos yet at other times build off the simplest of ideas. Got his start playing with Miles, but he's a younger guy, in his 40s I think.

Try also Antonio Hart. He's an alto player as well.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger js said...

Yah, Kenny Garrett's incredible. Thankfully, I'm going to be seeing him at at the end of March for the first time.
I've heard Antonio Hart's work with Dave Holland and Roy Hargrove. Has he recorded any as a leader? I'll check him out some more.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger jazzwriter said...

Antonio Hart has recorded as leader...I've got one disc around here somewhere that I'll try to find & share the title with you.

Cool about seeing Kenny. You'll love him live, but watch out, don't sit right in front of him! He's got just as big a sound in person as he does on his recordings!

Enjoy the concert!


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