Watson, Redman, Goldings, Villela, and McCoy

The following are the concerts and master classes that I can remember having attendeding since my last post (I might be missing some):

Bobby Watson Clinic: December 10 at Cabrillo College. Bobby emphasized practicing the way you improvise: only play patterns that you would play over a song, don't just practice for the sake of moving your fingers.

Joshua Redman Elastic Band with Sam Yahel and Brian Blade: I attended on December 28, both sets, and December 30, the late show. This was the first time I'd ever heard him lead his own band (I'd heard with the SFJazz Collective) and had never been that into him. At one point during the show onf the 30th he played a phrase in the high altisimo of his horn that was extremely melodic and powerful: most have trouble just getting the notes out. He has complete control over his instrument, as did the other members of the "Elastic" band. Sam Yahel managed to keep a funky base line going on one keyboard while soloing on another and applying sound affects with a third. My one complaint was that the music wasn't consistent enough -- I wish he had stuck more with the fusion rather than divide the time between that and the organ trio format.

Larry Goldings Trio: January 10, early show, at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. He was with guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Bill Stewart. There was a really organic atmoshpere to it, like a jam session, as they played through their repertoire which consisted of standards, orginals, and Ray Charles songs. Also at the break Larry was busy hawking CDs for a certain Johnny "Bowtie" Barstow.

Claudia Villela with Kenny Warner: January 24 at the Kuumbwa. This was a show of two great performers who just didn't mesh. Claudia Villela was trying to be like Bobby Mcferrin with the vocal acrobatics, singing the bass line and drums. She's good at it, but it distracted from Kenny Warner's playing. I wish she'd just sing the song.

McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clarke and Billy Cobham: January 25, the late show, at Yoshi's. This was the best I've ever seen McCoy. The whole band was really into the music. Stanley Clarke took a bass solo that had the whole house roaring with his melodicism and virtuosity. They have played together before, and know eachother so well, that at points they changed into a latin or gospel feel withouth even exchanging a glance. Can't wait till next year.


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Me said...

ah ha I see you must be from N. Calif. (the bay area?) because I recognize Yoshi's and the Kuumbwa Center (Santa Cruz right?).

I enjoy reading your blog!

Ronda from Jazz Explorations

At 10:21 PM, Blogger js said...

Yah, I see you're from the L.A. area. Have you been to concerts up here as well? Thanks, I've been reading yours and enjoying it as well.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Me said...

I've been to Yoshi's to see Tuck and Patti a few years back.


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