What I'm Listening To - February 23rd

On Joshua Redman's 2000 release, Beyond (Warner Brothers), you can already hear the funk and rock inspiration that characterizes his current funk-jazz project, the Elastic Band. However, this band is completely acoustic (Aaron Goldberg on piano, Reuben Rogers on bass, and Gregory Hutchinson on drums), while with Elastic, Redman employs Sam Yahel on organ and keyboards and Brian Blade on drums.

On "Belonging (Lopsided Lullaby)," the time signature is practically undescernable. (Is it in 7? Is it in 13?). Redman and Goldberg trade choruses, playing with ease as if it's in 4. Hutchinson thrashes the drums, propelling the music forward. On "Leap of Faith," Redman and band are joined by tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, who is often said to be influenced by Redman. (I bet the influence moves both ways.) The song starts with Redman and Turner performing a subdued duet, before the rhythm section joins in to play a melody that sounds similiar to "Still Pushin' That Rock" from Redman's electric Elastic. According to his website, Redman has his next CD coming some time this spring from Nonesuch Records.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Cameron W said...

Yeah, that's a great album. I'm not into elastic as much, but Joshua Redman can do no wrong in my books. Dude - nice site! I just got a blog here up and running. Check it out at http://jazzauthority.blogspot.com

I linked your site in my section at the bottom of my page.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Digirammy said...

I am doing my part to spread the word for Gordin Goodwin. My friends little brother had me listen to 1 of his songs because they played it in the Jazz Group at school and wow! It is available for free download here, just click away and you can hear for yourself.



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